Are SR&ED Consultants Really Important?

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Almost every organization in Canada is eligible for this program, but does not even apply. On the other side, some organizations that take the benefit of the program are facing problems due to the lack of knowledge about SR&ED.

To solve the technological challenges under this tax incentive program and gain its benefits, organizations need to hire SR&ED consultants. There are so many consulting firms that provide claim preparations, maximize government tax credits and incentives for organization innovation activities. They also work on government audit support to access, organizations competitiveness and growth.

Let’s try to understand, why SR&ED consulting firm’s role is so important? Here are some reasons why organizations should use an SR&ED consulting firm:

Focus on Correct Details: These consultancies have experienced consultants and they are highly focused on every detail of the project. SR&ED consultants possess complete knowledge of the government incentive programs which helps save the time of the organization while they ensure that your company achieves financial benefits.

Key Turning Process: Consultants have the ability of effective communication, which is the key turning process, meaning they present the business operations in a methodical manner.

Strong Viewpoint: They are highly skilled and have a scientific perspective on the technology of organizations. Consultants find more qualifying work from different angles of projects and working activities. And due to this perspective, they maximize the SR&ED claims.

Keep Proper Record: Records of an organization are systematically managed to help with the structure of SR&ED claims. They will guide you to keep the correct documentation of every project.

Time Tracking Service: They provide proper time to the organizations and assist them with time and project management system. They used software to process SR&ED tax credit claims, which means time tracking software that is used to complete SR&ED submission in an efficient manner.

Awareness about Guidelines: It is very important to know about SR&ED guidelines before claiming for the SR&ED tax incentive. Supporting arguments are also relevant to the advancement of technology and improvement of the process.
Provide Training: Some of the consultancies also provide training of SR&ED claims to employees of the organizations. Mostly, they can teach them how to keep records and which are more important SR&ED.
These are basic services provided by the SR&ED consultancies. The consultants are immensely recognized all over Canada. If an organization owner searches for an SR&ED consultant in Vancouver, a lot of consultancies are active in the country. But hiring among those firms which are able to understand an organization’s role and offer better results is essential.

Some of them have a wide variety of industry domains and are able to claims in the thousands to millions of dollars of innovation expenditures. They provide you with methodical points and thoroughly work on the claim preparation process, which is useful to maximize the expenditures of the organizations.

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Does Reliance Multi Cap Fund Make Your Money Big?

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As an investor, if you are doubtful that your fund is not performing well and whether to stick to it or not, then you must know that what is underperforming currently will not underperform in the long-term. Every fund has its tough time, so does the Reliance Multi Cap Fund has currently. But the fund will be going to perform well in the future. With an AUM of Rs 9,687 Cr as on May 31, 2018, the fund was earlier known as the Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund but has changed its name due to re-categorization rules as stated by SEBI. So, if you are looking for investing in the fund, the details are discussed as under:

A Brief About Reliance Multi Cap Fund:

An open-ended equity scheme, the fund invests in the diversified sectors under full market capitalization. The expense ratio of the fund is 1.98% as on May 31, 2018. The primary objective of the Reliance Multi-Cap is to seek the long-term capital appreciation by investing in the equity and equity-linked derivatives of the companies that fall in the large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap. The secondary aim of the fund is to generate regular income by investing a part of the fund in debt and money-market securities.

Past Performance Analysis:

Reliance Multi Cap fund growth has provided the returns of 18.04% since its inception. The fund is following the S&P BSE 500 (TRI) as its benchmark and S&P BSE Sensex (TRI) as an additional benchmark. The fund was launched in the year 2005, and its performance has been tumbled in the year 2015 and 2016. Though the fund has gained back in the year 2017 and also outperformed its category and benchmark by providing the returns of 40.87%.

The trailing returns of the fund in the past three, five and seven years were 7.20%, 17.75%, and 14.53%, respectively. The calendar year returns of the fund for the year 2014 were 59.67%, for 2015 were 0.51% and for 2016 were -6.67%.

Fund Manager:

Mr. Sailesh Raj Bhan manages the fund since 2005. He has an experience of over 19 years in the fund management and equity research. He is Deputy CIO of the Reliance Mutual Fund and working with AMC with more than a decade.

Mr. Bhan follows the free-flowing approach of selecting the stocks. He chooses the companies on the basis of their potential and opportunities arising in it. Investing in the niche themes, he believes these emerging businesses have upside potential of performance.

Portfolio Details:

Reliance Multi-Cap Fund G has the average market capitalization of Rs 32,341.72 Cr as on June 21, 2018. Out of this, the 34.42% is invested in giant companies, 15.48% in large-cap companies, 35.97% in mid-cap companies and 14.13% in small-cap companies.

The fund invests in diversified sectors, which includes finance and banking, services, engineering, construction, automobile, healthcare, etc. The fund has approximately 99% in equity stocks and 1% in debt instruments.

It holds the funds of various companies, out of which the top companies include State Bank of India, Indian Hotels, Divi’s Laboratories, Infosys, and Larsen & Toubro Constructions.

The NAV of Reliance Multi-Cap Fund is Rs 89.8646 as on June 21, 2018. The fund offers the long-term capital appreciation to the investors who have the appetite of tolerating moderately high-risk. The fund offers the options of growth and dividend both under regular and direct plans.

You may invest in the fund with a minimum amount of Rs 5,000. You may also invest in the fund under SIP mode, with a minimum amount of Rs 100 per month without any entry load.

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Why Are You in Need Of Loans With No Credit Check in The UK?

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While being online you would find plenty of advertisements promising to help you at your worst times of financial struggles by providing easy approvals to loan in UK with no credit check. These approvals help in providing money to the customers at the time when they need it the most and finding the help is next to impossible.

In such a time, many credit lenders like banks and most of the direct lenders ignore the demand of money by such borrowers because of the prevailing poor credit score. This credit score is a fear for repayment for most of the lenders and hence the application is usually ignored. Many loan lenders target the people with the low income by charging them higher rates of interest and earning through the amount charged by the people.

For instance, a cash loan charging 38% interest for a period, say, four weeks amounting to 500 pound will charge 690 pound being fully payable within a period of next 4 weeks. To be in the group of lower income people, this leads people to in high amount of debt thus exhausting one-third of their income through these repayments and interest amounts.

Adding to the issues, there might occur times when a sudden emergency might arise and you fail to meet the ends with it. This adds an extra sum of late payment to the loans with no credit check in UK thus increasing the amount to be repaid further and making it even harder for the borrower to make the scheduled repayments. At times, this repayable amount can go up to an extent where it adds to 50% of the monthly income.

It is not an easy task to repay this amount further, and this creates the chances for the borrower to borrow another loan amount and finally ending into a vicious and threatening circle of the borrowing and lending, which never comes to an end.

To avoid a situation where the borrower just drowns in the deep water of debt it is crucial for a responsible lender to make all the necessary checks on the credit score. And, offer the sums of money as per the same. A person, who is not eligible for the loan, can become a threat for the lender and himself for the future purposes. It is equally important for any lender to check the ability of the borrower in terms of repayment.

In case, you are looking forward to finance you and your never ending needs, keep in mind that you choose a lender that is reputable and responsible to check your credit history in order to avoid the future emerging hustles regarding the payments. This process involves certain steps that must be taken care of, both, by the lender and the borrower like, checking your affordability to make the reimbursements on time, checking if you are eligible for the loan or not. One another important criterion that a responsible lender would use while approving your application is the calculation of your debt-equity ratio. This further clears the fact that whether a borrower can afford a loan or not.

Being a borrower, no guarantor loans with no credit check is actually beneficial for you or not is now up to you, as it can lead you to higher debts and more future problems.

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The Challenge For SEO Consultants in Greece

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Becoming SEO Consultants in Greece is not an easy job. The number of websites in the country is truly astounding! As is their variety. With such a varied clientele, SEO Consultants need to understand the individual needs and then fit their requirement accordingly. Not easy at all!

No one can predict what keyword a customer will search for. In this document, let us talk about one of Greece’s most famous monuments – the Acropolis. Now, the Acropolis alone is such a big draw that thousands of people visit Greece only with the Acropolis in their mind. For a SEO Consultant is such a big playing ground that they need to cover thousands of possible search query phrases. But then, just considering that Acropolis has thousands of search phrases, think about how many different terms they would need to come up with!

As per the internet search data, Google alone delivers thousands of results on phrases related to the Acropolis each and every day. In the holiday season, the rush goes up and tens of thousands of results are delivered. Now, if we try and see how many different key phrases we can come up with, we will not cross 10. Let’s analyze why. Consider different reasons why people would search for the Acropolis.

One reason, obviously, would be to search for the Acropolis as a historical monument. Phrases like Acropolis History, Acropolis war and Acropolis lions would be apt in this scenario. The search results would be more focused on the history of the place, the purpose of its construction and what used to take place in the auditorium. The SEO Consultants need to make sure that their content will respond to each of these queries
The Second reason could be photos of the Acropolis. One of the most photographed monuments in the entire world, it is a very popular desktop wallpaper too. While searching for pictures, visitors will also be interested in a little content and the responsibility of the SEO Consultants in Greece is to make sure that they deliver it right to the right visitors.
The third could be movie buffs who are searching for movies shot in the location of the Acropolis. Cinema tourism is big business and each time a block buster movie comes out, a lot of people like to visit the locales and see for themselves. Like the Lord of the Rings came out and people started flocking to New Zealand to see the place the movie was shot. The SEO consultants need to make it prominent in this case that so and so particular movies have been shot in and around the Acropolis, so that searches about this monument in Greece will lead to their website.
Another way of thinking could be the influence of the Acropolis and its entertainment of the older days on Greek culture and heritage. Obviously that is a valid point, as that was the first place of entertainment for the earlier Greeks. Since then, people and culture have been evolving, but the influence will be there in some sphere.
Or probably someone visiting Greece wants to stay in a hotel near the Acropolis and he would then search for ‘hotels near Acropolis’. The SEO Consultants need to make sure that if they have a hotel in the vicinity mentioned in their website, this feature is prominently mentioned, as it is a big USP for the hotel as well as for the website.
We have just talked about a few clauses here regarding SEO Greece. Each day, newer and newer search strings are being introduced into the world of search. Making sure that their websites are on top of all these changes is an exciting job and the SEO Consultants Greece do it well!

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How to Choose Your Infertility Consultant

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Infertility is a $4 billion dollars a year industry. Nobody has your best interests at heart. You need an advocate to walk beside you, warning you of financial and medical pitfalls and giving you the tools you need to make the best decisions for you and your family

There aren’t any guidelines or rules about who can become an infertility consultant and you have a number of different choices. How do you know which infertility consultant is the best fit for you?

Education matters
Many women have experienced infertility and find they want to encourage others on the same journey. However, many infertility consultant do not have any education or formal training in women’s reproductive health or infertility.

No Biases
Make sure your infertility consultant does not accept marketing money from doctors – even if it is for a good cause on the side. How can you trust a referral once you know the doctor just made a hefty donation to her cause?

Respect is earned
Because you don’t just need someone who keeps you company. You need someone that other doctors, health care providers and fertility partners know, trust and have seen evidence of their ability over time.

Read their work
Just because someone says they are knowledgeable doesn’t make it so. Can you go read their books to verify their credentials? Can you read reviews of their research or publications?

Fees are reasonable
You can easily find out prices and the fees are within a typical couple’s ability to pay. Some infertility consultants are only for those with deep pockets. Be wary of services that cost more than a cycle of IVF.

Infertility consultants do not determine a client’s treatment plan, but once a plan is determined, My Fertility Plan consultants can help facilitate the treatment plan set by your doctor by sourcing donors, surrogates, or other professional resources. My Fertility Plan consulting also provide a Risk-Benefit analysis to help determine chances of success for a given treatment option.

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Business Coaching and Business Consulting – What’s the Difference and What’s the Outlook?

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Business coaching and business consulting are two of my primary services. What’s the difference, you ask? Wikipedia defines as, “Business coaching is the practice of providing support and occasional advice to an individual or group in order to help them recognize ways in which they can improve the effectiveness of their business.” BNET defines Business Consulting as “an expert in a specialized field brought in to provide independent professional advice to an organization on some aspect of its activities”.

It may seem like a small difference, but it is an important one. The critical issue is to identify what your business actually needs.

If you need: ongoing help with reaching max potential, someone to confirm your decisions, cheer you on, a transformational relationship with a mentor…you are looking for business coaching.

If you need: situational help with a specific problem, to call in an “expert” for advice, an analysis and recommended remedy…you are looking for a business consultant.

Yes, those definitions are a bit oversimplified and quite often there will be crossover. I suggest you create specific definitions for your business and its needs ahead of time. In the long run, it will help you make stronger decisions about hiring a contractor for coaching/consulting services.

If you are thinking of opening a consulting business, particularly in Portland, OR, here’s some recent research:

Although economic times are challenging in general, Portland has a positive outlook. Greenlight Greater Portland recently released a report indicating that the metro area would add 100,000 new jobs in 2008 and is predicted to grow economically by 29% or $14 million dollars.

Several growth sectors were also identified: professional, financial and information services, as well as construction and natural resources. It is predicted that Portland’s professional and business services sector will grow 23 percent to more than 170,000 workers by 2013.

In addition, the American Management Association ( recently released a report with positive findings for job growth in the business consulting/ coaching field.

Among the findings were:

Business coaching is more popular than ever, boosted by companies struggling to develop a new generation of leaders to replace retiring baby boomers, and due to a proliferation of business coaches and coaching training programs.
Of U.S. companies surveyed, 52 percent said they had business coaching programs in place, and another 37 percent said they would be implementing coaching programs in the future.
Companies use coaches to work with executives, high-potential employees, problem managers and expatriates headed to overseas assignments.
Companies that use formal metrics to measure performance of coaching programs are most likely to report that those endeavors are successful.
According to both local and national sources, it is a good time to be in coaching/consulting. If you are interested in starting your own business, I recommend sitting down with a consultant and talking to them about what it is like in your neck of the woods..

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Consulting in Tough Times

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It’s not hard to find economic gloom and doom in the news. After all, bad news sells; good news does not. But with the media talking down the economy, along with a genuine cyclical slow down, how does this affect your consulting opportunities?

First, let’s get positive and realize this is a great time to be a consultant. Why? Everyone is cutting back on hiring, but their service needs may have not decreased. Companies still need help and a relatively easy and inexpensive way is to use a consultant or independent contractor on a temporary basis. This saves the trouble and expense of a full time hire.

This is where you come in. As a consultant you can provide crucial services with limited time and cost exposure to a company. Plus, you can provide specialized skills and capabilities that their regular staff may not have.

So your selling strategy can be oriented to assuring your client that her exposure will be limited. An added benefit can be to promise to train her staff how to do the service you are providing. On the surface this appears to be putting you out of a job. On occasion this may occur, but consider the good-will that is engendered. This is helpful for winning the next assignment with this client and for the essential referrals you’ll be requesting.

But in most cases, this strategy will open the door for more of the same work, or for an ongoing monitoring opportunity. The reality is that those you train will not have your level of expertise or experience. So while training will bring them to a level of capability, more help and guidance is likely, for you are now the back-up.

Other consulting opportunities in tough times include helping companies:
o Be more efficient
o Cut costs
o Develop new systems
o Realign strategically
o Find new customers
o Open new markets
o …you name it for your specialty

Take advantage of this down-cycle to create value and help your clients thrive. You will then reap even greater rewards when the inevitable upturn comes.

The Consultant’s Edge, a free monthly e-letter from Steve Kellogg, founder of [] a site dedicated to helping individuals be wildly successful in their consulting or freelance business.

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Massachusetts Information Technology Consulting Can Boost Your Company’s Productivity

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Information technology, known as IT or it, allows Boston businesses to use computer technology to handle their business information in a variety of ways. In order for your company business to run smoothly, you will need to use Mass it services to store, retrieve and process your information. Information technology is vital in every area of your business, from online sales, to keeping track of accounts receivable and payable, telephone information services, creating networks, network security, data management, and so much more. Every day businesses use it consultants. Boston companies know it makes sense to ensure that your IT department is operating at maximum efficiency. However, not everyone who owns a small or mid-sized business is a computer expert. This is why many businesses choose to outsource their information technology to expert it consultants. Boston information technology providers can handle it for you.

To make this shift, you may want to consider using it consultants. Boston-area businesses find that Mass it consultants can work with them to design IT systems that are customized to their specific, unique business needs.

Mass it consultants can offer money-saving advice when it comes to investing in business hardware and software it. Massachusetts companies know that it is all too easy to spend money on hardware and software that, at the end of the day, does not do the jobs that you need it to perform. This problem can be alleviated through the use of it consultants. Boston companies can benefit from the advice offered by consultants. They may suggest specific electronic equipment to purchase, or they may offer an even more competitive solution of hiring a Mass it company to provide the equipment and personnel for you.

When you need help with it, Massachusetts companies have the luxury of selecting from just the services their businesses require. Outsourcing can be a cost-effective option when you calculate in-house employee salaries, benefits, training and pensions. Of course, if your preference is for on-site it, Massachusetts companies are also offered the option of hiring it workers that will come to you.

Many East coast companies selectively use information technology help for certain areas of their businesses. Networking is one such example. Your company will need your computers and all of the many peripherals used to make your business run, including the Internet, printers, faxes, telephones and many others. It can be a fairly complicated process to make sure that all of these devices are connected together properly so that they can communicate with each other. This is when Massachusetts businesses hire it consultants. Boston companies can leave all of the technical manipulations to the experts, who will not only design and set up but maintain your network for you.

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How to Become a Qualified Person Consultant

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If you are a Qualified Person with a full time position. You may be interested to know that there are many organizations that require the skills and expertise of a Qualified Person consultant.

The organisation may require periodic batch release and would only require a QP at these times. A company may have a large project and require a Qualified Person during this time to help with the work load. Some companies use Qualified Person consultants to improve the organisations knowledge in certain areas or to set up and run new departments within quality.

Whatever the reason QP contractors are a effective and smart solution to some of the problems faced by drug manufacturing companies.

Contracting as a Qualified Person can offer a flexible working week as well as a significant boots to your finances. Qualified Person consultants can command around £750/1000 per day and are able to offer their services to a number of clients at a time.

You may have the skills and experience to become a QP contract consultant, but what else will you need to do?

1. Form a Limited company

This is for tax and limited liability purposes.

A new company can be incorporated in two ways.

 Your solicitor can draw up the new company’s Memorandum & Articles of Association and submit this to Companies House.
 Use on online incorporation service to submit the paperwork to Companies House. (This option usually takes around a day).

2. Operate as a Sole Trader.

If you choose this option your will need to operate under an ‘umbrella’ company for tax purposes. This is easy to set up in conjunction with your agency, however this option could become expensive with time.

3. Find the right Agency.

This is an important part of Qualified Person Consultancy. You may have contacts within the industry and may wish to contract to them directly. This can be disastrous. Without a solid agreement between contractor and employers you leave your self open to all sorts of legal ramifications.
An agency provides a base to start you contracting carrier.
The right agency will provide you with a solid contractual terms of business between you and the client as well as on-going support. The right agency will have the contacts and the experience to find you work as and when you require it.

Once you have completed these three steps you will be well on your way to your first appointment. All you need to do now impress at your interview!

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